Interagency and International Research on North Atlantic -Arctic Oceanographic Processes

The oceanography and ecology of the North Atlantic Ocean are fundamentally linked to the health, economy, and overall well-being of North America and Europe, and to the global climate system. The trilateral Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation of May, 2013, between the European Union (EU), Canada, and the United States (US) (available at emphasizes the need for international cooperation in discovering and understanding processes influencing this dynamic region of the oceans. April 2014, NSF and the European Commission cosponsored a workshop on the coupled North Atlantic-Arctic System to identify critical research questions, discuss common research interests, and explore areas of potential collaboration. Participants included multidisciplinary scientists from Canada, the EU, and the US and representatives from ocean-relevant US and EU government agencies. workshop report is available at

This NSF Dear Colleague Letter ( provides guidance for US scientists who will request support from the NSF Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) and Division of Polar Programs (PLR) over the next 18 months toconduct research related to the workshop goals in collaboration with scientists from Canada or theEuropean Union.

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