Category Name Date Links
Project Deliverable D5.1 - Web portal 11-16-2015 D5.1 IMPACT - Web portal
Project Deliverable European research centres and representations in the USA 10-22-2015 Del_1_5 STI JELO_FINAL.pdf
Project Deliverable Report on U.S. FP7 participation in collaborative research projects and support actions 10-22-2015 D2.1 Report US FP7 participation.pdf
Project Deliverable Input paper based on outcomes of the EU-U.S. 10-14-2015 D3.2_EU_US_InnovationConference_report_FFG_final.pdf
Project Deliverable US programmes for Europeans 05-28-2015 D2.4. US programs for Europeans Final.pdf
Policy/Strategy Document & Report Recommendations to expand participation of EU and US businesses in collaborative Transatlantic Research, Technology, Development and Innovation (RTDI) projects 05-06-2015 Policy brief, November 2014
Policy/Strategy Document & Report Barriers and drivers for US and EU businesses to collaborate in research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) projects 05-06-2015 BILAT USA -Input paper on barriers and drivers for businesses to engage in transatlantic innov..pdf
Project Deliverable BILAT USA 2.0 H2020 guide for US researchers 03-17-2015 H2020 Guide for US researchers FINAL.pdf
Project Deliverable D3.1: Report on the EU & U.S. innovation policy framework and relevant initiatives (Revised report) 02-17-2015 D3 1 BILAT USA.pdf
Report on EU research organizations’ participation in US programmes 12-11-2014 Report on EU research organizations’ participation in US programmes