FIU-Florida European Union Center of Excellence

The Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence, (EUCE), a consortium of Florida International University<> (FIU) and the University of Miami (UM), was established in the Fall of 2001 through a grant from the European Commission through its Delegation in Washington, DC.

The Miami-Florida EUCE, is a member of the Network of European Union Centers<> created in 1998 to build stronger ties among Europeans and Americans by examining the process of European integration and the implications thereof for the United States. Additionally, the Center cooperates with the European Union Studies Association<> (EUSA) to advance academic research in a number of fields concerning the EU.

The Miami-Florida EUCE, is jointly administered through the School of International and Public Affairs – College of Arts & Sciences (FIU) and the Jean Monnet Chair at University of Miami  (UM).

The mission of the Miami-Florida EUCE, is to promote teaching, research, and outreach activities relating to the EU. To accomplish this mission, the Miami-Florida EUCE, facilitates the development of new courses on the EU, provides for financial assistance to graduate students and faculty pursuing research on topics related to the EU, holds academic conferences on EU matters, sponsors public lectures featuring EU speakers, and conducts outreach workshops for educators, journalists and media professionals, and the greater Miami business community.

Contact Person (s) : 
Rebecca Friedman, Co-Director, Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence and Christine Caly-Sanchez, Associate Director